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Managerial Practices for the Digital Transformation of Manufacturers


This study aims to identify and explain why and what managerial practices and competencies are particularly needed to effectively govern through this transformation.


We choose the case study methodology as the research design with eight manufacturing companies in Western Europe, where we applied within- and cross-case analyses.

Digitalisierung à la carte
Smart Factory Navigator
LEAN Production – Easy and Comprehensive
Fundamentals of Industrial
Service Management
MicrosoftTeams-image (29).png
Implementation of Industry 4.0 in Injection Molding and Compounding
A Reference Model for PLM in the Area of Digitization.webp
A Reference Model for PLM in the Area of Digitization
Service strategies and service offering differentiation of ERP service providers in German-speaking countries
The smart factory as a key construct of industry 4.0: A systematic literature review
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On the Way to the Smart Injection Molding Factory
Successful corporate governance through resilience management
Deriving a global production network type in times of uncertainty – a simulation based approach
Global Manufacturing Management
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