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Successful corporate governance through resilience management

Authors: Katharina Luban, Roman Hänggi

Published: 2022


KeywordsCompanies and organizations that emerge stronger from a crisis and generally cope well with crises are referred to as resilient. But what does it take to overcome unexpected challenges that threaten the existence of a company and even to use them to bring about positive change? This book provides concrete answers to this question in an entrepreneurial context. To this end, existing theoretical approaches to the concept of resilience and resilience management are first discussed and brought together. On this basis, 14 industries and their situation before and during the Corona crisis are analyzed and examined on the basis of 36 case studies. This reveals what helped or was missing in these industries to successfully manage the current Corona crisis. A surprisingly clear picture emerges of approaches and factors that will be helpful in all industries during future shock events. In summary, these findings are used to develop the Rapperswil Resilience Model, a procedural concept for strengthening resilience in organizations and companies with concrete recommendations for action for strategic and operational corporate management.

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