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LEAN Production - simple and comprehensive

Authors: Roman Hänggi , André Fimpel , Roland Siegenthaler

Published: 2022


No production is perfect. Waste always creeps into the process, making it slow, sluggish and expensive. Goods lie around in the warehouse, production takes place in unnecessarily large batches, transports are necessary or employees wait unproductively to clamp a next part. The result is high production costs and disappointed customers. The Lean movement has set itself the goal of uncovering waste, questioning it and eliminating it. This book will teach you the theoretical principles as well as the practical tools to make production processes as lean and value-added as possible. Because we all love stories, each method is entertainingly wrapped in a story. In this book, a barista who has to run marathon distances every day, the cup Tim struggles with overproduction and the LeanClean AG counts on your support to trim the vacuum cleaner production to maximum value creation with value stream mapping, spaghetti diagram, 5S or Kanban. For each topic you will find our practical tips. They are the lessons learned from our Lean projects over the past 20 years. They will help you to implement your lean initiatives even more effectively and successfully.

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