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We are the place to be for implementation-oriented digitization from idea to scale driven by the latest findings in applied science.
Our key goal is to facilitate rapid Digital Execution for producing industries across the value chain.

Implementation oriented digization Ecosystems

Imagine a space where Science, Digital & IT meet the Industry to offer a platform to experience digitalization at speed and scale. An environment, where enterprises and their Ecosystems can count on the right allies to overcome limitations in innovating and reinventing themselves.

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DigitalLab@OST is an EcoSystem for digitization combining advances of applied science with the deep expertise necessary for solutions to be integrating and scaled. Thanks to this, we can ensure that your innitiatives have clear and rapid value realization by leveraging the capabilities of our Unique Collaboration.

We show the customer in a pragmatic way how to reduce complexity and optimize investment risks. We guide you though it basing on proven best practices and covering strategy, domain competence, design and technology.

Since 2016

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170 m2


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Professors as partners

About Us

At DigitalLab@OST, we provide a team with deep expertise paired with practical implementers as a recipe for success in your digitization journey.

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Prof. Dr. Roman Haenggi


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Alexander Gafner

Co-Leader @Cognizant

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Dr. Lukas Budde


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